Security of Mobile Devices

Entry posted on Friday, May 31st, 2019 at 10:52 pm by admin

In a recent ALPA Security Report, a crew member reported leaving a downtown Chicago layover via LYFT, whereby the driver offered a USB cable to the pilot to charge his mobile device. Further examination revealed the cable was plugged into a small computer-like device, whereupon the pilot rejected the driver’s offer.
This incident highlights the risks associated with using charging cords for mobile devices in public settings, including Electronic Flight Books (EFBs) that may be attached to unknown devices in public areas. In this case, the LYFT driver may have been trying to obtain data from the pilot’s mobile device. Charging stations are commonly found in airports and other public areas.

Best practice dictates that “charge only” cords and power adapters provided with the device by the manufacturer and/or company should be used. The integrity of your company-issued EFBs and personal mobile devices, and the data that reside within these units, must be protected from physical intrusions in the public domain.

Please direct questions and concerns to the Engineering and Air Safety department ( or (800) 424-2470)

Captain Wolfgang Koch
Aviation Security Chairman
January 15, 2019